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Dennis Dixon Ltd was formed in early 1987 when Dennis Dixon resigned from ICI Petrochemicals Division as Fleet Manager and left the company, taking with him hand-picked ICI drivers to start a new road tanker haulage company.

Dennis Dixon had obtained a contract from ICI Fibres at Harrogate to operate and maintain six ICI bulk powder tankers and seven ICI nylon tote bin trailers, to be pulled by three rented vehicles, double-shifted seven days per week. The contract was for the delivery of Nylon polymer chip to Doncaster and Lydney, with a spot contract for two road tankers carrying Formaldehyde and Phenol for ICI Petrochemical Division.

A year later, our first tanker was purchased from Magyar in France and our journey into road tankers began in earnest.

1987 The company began trading using a small rented office with parking space for three vehicles.
1988 First road tanker purchased from Magyar.
1989 Gained BS 5750, a predecessor to the ISO 9001 & SQAS registrations that we hold today.
1989 Purchased premises in Murdock Road from Shell U.K. and eventually operated eight vehicles from these premises.
1990 Delivered our first European load to Basel, Switzerland for ICI Polyurethanes.
1991 Purchased our current depot in Tilbury Road, as the expansion of the company demanded larger premises, and sold the Murdock Road property.
1993 Further expanded with the win of a contract with Air Products of Billingham, carrying various amine products (plant now closed).
1994 Contracted to ICI Petrochemicals for the distribution of 75,000 tonnes of Methanol to customers nationwide (we still cover this work now).
1996 Purchased 1.5 acres of land to the rear of our premises to expand our parking facility and to build a tanker cleaning station.
1997 Formed a joint venture with Hoyer UK Ltd, to open an on-site, state-of-the-art cleaning station. At this point Hoyer purchased a 30% shareholding in Dennis Dixon Ltd and we continue to enjoy a good working relationship with them.
1998 Dennis Dixon retired as Managing Director of the company and the position was taken up by Steven Dixon.
2002 Dennis Dixon Ltd started investment to modernise the fleet of road tankers and standardise on 'ground operated' equipment, in the interest of driver safety. From this date, all new road tankers have been purchased with ground operated discharge capability, plus 4 handrails giving all-round protection when cleaning or loading at sites without fixed gantries
2003 First Feldbinder tankers arrive from Germany.
2005 New offices built – giving more than double the previous facilities.
2007 50th new build tanker arrives.
2009 First Euro 5 specification vehicles arrive.
2010 Purchased 1.5 acres of land adjacent to the depot to further expand the business.
2013 Tank GPT 99 ordered: meaning 99 tanks have been operated in our history!
2014 First Euro 6 specification vehicles arrive.
2015 Delivered over 18,000 loads in one year.
2017 40th new build 37,500 litre tanker arrives.