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0.00 (per 1,000 deliveries)


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Safety is something which we take very seriously at Dennis Dixon Ltd.

We have invested heavily in our staff, their training and the equipment used. We believe in complete openness in our safety record and our ongoing performance is shared with our partners via our monthly Safety Bulletin. We believe that only by being open and honest about safety can we achieve our aims.

We have a trained emergency response team with a dedicated van equipped to deal with a variety of incident scenarios. We welcome opportunities to be involved in mock incidents and exercise scenarios and thank the likes of Vopak (now Navigator) and the local emergency services for providing a framework for this in the recent past. We have also developed a system of in-cab emergency cards to advise drivers and incident attendees as to the correct course of action to be taken in various incident situations.

Steven Dixon has been qualified as our Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA copy certificate available on request) since the requirement for this was legislated in ADR.

Safety Bulletin

Each month we produce our in house Safety Bulletin and you can sign up for your free copy below.

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The health of our employees, customers, suppliers and all parties we interact with are essential to the future of the business and in fulfilling our own moral requirements.

We specify the highest standard tanker on the market to ensure we minimise the risk of a spill, or release which may affect any third party. Our drivers are trained in defensive driving and monitored and coached with monthly feedback on their driving performance from both an environmental and fuel efficiency point of view. This allows us to reduce risk by highlighting, for example, a driver with a high braking and harsh accelerating profile as someone who is driving aggressively and a likely “tailgater”. He may then be coached in the office and/or spend time with the driver trainer to correct this bad habit which leaves him vulnerable and at higher risk of being involved in an accident. Our vehicles are all sleeper cabs so the driver can take a break in a comfortable environment in the high quality Scania and Volvo cabs we operate. These trucks both meet the highest EU and Swedish safety crash tests, offering our drivers the maximum protection when out on the road.

Should the worst happen, we have trained personnel to assist the emergency service in any incident, including our in-house Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser, incident controllers and our own workshop response team with a fully kitted out recovery trailer. The trailer contains a variety of emergency equipment such as cargo pumps, hoses, lighting, generator, tools, safety equipment, coveralls and spill kits. Clearly our systems are all designed to avoid incident, but if the worst happens then we are prepared.


As a road transport company, we are aware of our impact upon the environment. Our written policy refers to taking steps to minimise wastage in all areas of our business.

Examples of this are our found throughout our operations, such as:

  • Modern vehicles with engine management systems to minimise fuel consumption.
  • Continual monitoring program for ALL vehicles and each driver’s fuel consumption.
  • ALL vehicles are speed limited to eliminate any excess fuel use.
  • ALL vehicles are tested for emissions on a recurring basis.
  • Continual monitoring program for ALL vehicle and trailer tyres.
  • Re-grooving and repair program to maximise tyre mileage (but safety first – ONLY new tyres are fitted by Dennis Dixon Ltd).
  • Asbestos-free brake linings are fitted to both vehicles and tank trailers.
  • ALL oils specified (engine, gearbox and differential) are synthetic, long-life type.
  • ALL oils (and filters) are recycled through an approved authority.
  • On-site, high pressure, low volume tanker wash to reduce water consumption in the cleaning process


The company was formed on the principle of operating to high standards of quality and was one of the first in the UK to gain certification to ISO 9002 with BSI (BS 5750) way back in April 1989.

This provides an internationally acknowledged standard that many of our customers recognise, especially those who are registered themselves. It gives us a sound platform from which to both build and improve the service which we offer.

Regular audits provide reassurance to both our customers and ourselves that we are maintaining the high standards we have set and they expect. We are also recognised in the industry as market leaders in high quality service provision.

Our fully integrated transport computer system ensures continuity throughout our departments. We can provide our customers with factual data proving our excellent performance on a monthly or quarterly basis. Custom reports can be created to tailor KPI's to individual needs, highlighting areas for optimisation.

The CEFIC (European chemical industry Council) Safety and Quality Assurance Scheme (SQAS) was designed to address any shortfall in the ISO 9002 system by implementing a system dedicated to the Chemical Industry. There are multiple questionnaires covering the areas of Core Services, Road Transport Services and Tank Cleaning Services, which are completed on an audit basis by registered, CEFIC-trained assessors. The system considers items not covered by ISO 9002, such as; specific training for ADR-qualified drivers (those with a licence to verify their competence to move hazardous goods); environmental protection; fire precautions; hose and tanker maintenance; and depot facilities.

Click the link below to view a copy of our:

Quality Policy

Health & Safety Policy

Environmental Policy

SQAS Certification

SQAS Summary

Quality Certification

Waste Carriers Licence