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Tanker Hire

Most chemical production, blending, storage or indeed consumers often have the need for temporary short or long term road tanker rental.

Our road tankers offer a high specification and provide a top quality storage option.

This gives you the peace of mind that your temporary storage solution is both safe and secure, fully meeting all UK transport regulations in the event that you need to move the product off site at short notice. Some solutions offer old, “on-site only” road tankers, which give no flexibility and leave a site vulnerable in the event of a leakage or other local incident that may mean it is desirable to move the storage tanker, so the tanker needs to be road legal. Why take a risk when the consequences could prove so costly?




  • Storage can take place at customer site, or our secure depot.
  • Short or long term rental.
  • Hazardous or Low Hazard products.
  • Hoses can be provided by request.
  • Stainless steel 316L construction.
  • GP tanker capacity 30,000 – 37,500 litres.
  • 900mm - 1600 mm walkway with handrail to all 4 sides.
  • Access ladder integrated to tanker brakes (to prevent movement when parked).
  • ADR certified.

Options available include

  • Full ground operation (may require site air supply to be connected to tanker) 
  • Capacity of up to 42,000 litres (dedicated methanol tanks)
  • Integral hydraulic-drive cargo pump
  • Rear vapour return adjacent to control box