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Latest Updates

New Scania vehicles and Van Hool Tankers

21st July 2023

New Scania Super series vehicles to hit the road with new Van-Hool tankers.

1st Scania Super on the road Aug 2022

9th November 2022

First Scania Super models to hit the UK market arrive in out fleet.

10th Next generation Scania of 2020 hits the road in Dec-20

7th December 2020

Whilst we are very proud of our fleet, they are here to work and there is simply no point in keeping a new truck clean forever.

We do however, expect them to be re-washed frequently by our drivers to return them to their full glory.

Winter means hazardous driving conditions, so creating that extra space cushion around the vehicle and increasing stopping distances are the mainstay of all professional drivers.

Coronavirus Measures

27th April 2020

Nearly every country in the world right now has been affected by Coronavirus. The UK has been hit hard as we are a densely populated country with many multi-generational families coupled with London being a major transport hub and the UK population love to travel. Detailed below are some of the measures we have taken to protect bouth or workforce, our customers, suppliers and business.

1st 69 Plate Vehicles arrive

6th September 2019

The 1st of September saw the first three 69 Plate Vehicles arrive.

New Van Hool Chassis

6th September 2019

Summer 2019 saw four new Van Hool chassis arrive.

New Volvo Trucks arrive in Q1

27th March 2019

Our first two Volvo Trucks arrived in Q1, out of an order for six placed with Volvo for delivery in 2019.

Sad news in February 2019

27th March 2019

The 13th February 2019 was the saddest day in our 32 year history, as our founder and chairman Dennis Dixon passed away.

Fleet Upgrades for 2019

9th January 2019

As always, we continue to upgrade our fleet as we are committed to providing the highest levels of safety and comfort to our drivers whilst minimising our impact on the environment.

Even with BREXIT in March-19 (unless a last ditch 2nd referendum gives the opportunity for the better informed country to re-think and re-vote on this), our replacement plans have not been deferred.

SQAS Re-Assessment

10th August 2018

Our 3 yearly CEFIC (Chemical Federation for Europe) re-assessment was done in August 2018.

Three "next generation" Scania trucks hit the road

2nd May 2018

These Scania vehicles are a different league to the previous cab ...

New Tanker Stars In NEC Show

27th April 2018

The latest addition to our tanker fleet, GPT 25, took pride of place on the Magyar stand at The Commercial Vehicle show, held at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham from 24-26 April 2018.

Dan sets GB Deadlift record (again)

1st November 2017

Dan is the new <83kg Open British Classic Powerlifting Champion! Becoming British Champion means that Dan will be invited to attend GB squads to be put on the international team, if successful this will be 3rd year in a row making it on the international team GB.

30 Year Anniversary

31st July 2017

30 years ago on 1st August 1987 the transport arm of Dennis Dixon Ltd opened for business.

Dan Worsley top 10 in World Championship

29th June 2017

Dan from the Dennis Dixon Ltd traffic office competed in his first senior powerlifting world championship, finishing in the top 10.

Bulk Liquid Dennis Dixon Ltd

New Vehicles and Tankers arrive during 2017

1st June 2017

Additional capability and payload improvement on replacement vehicles.

Capital investment of over £1,000,000 is to be made during 2017 as we replace 8 current vehicles and 3 road tankers.

New Web Site launches - Overdue we know!

1st June 2017

We are delighted to have updated our web site, not only to bring a more modern feel to the site, but to add more information, better quality photography and also some new video content.