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Dan sets GB Deadlift record (again)

On the 21st October our resident Powerlifter Dan Worsley competed at the British Classic Powerlifting Championships.

This was Dan’s final competition of 2017 after having been to Euros, Worlds & The Arnold Classic. This is Dan’s first year as a senior lifter so he felt he had a lot to prove at the national championships,which he won last year, but as a junior competitor. He wanted to go out and show people he wasn’t just the best junior, but that he could also give the seniors a run for their money!

Some background information for those new to this ...

  • Powerlifting competitions are made up of 3 disciplines; Squat, bench press & deadlift.
  • You get 3 attempts of each and the best attempt of each lift is added up to make a total.

Dan’s squat attempts consisted of an easy opening lift of 250kg, then 2nd attempt of 260kg and a final attempt of 265kg of which he failed due to lack of strength(his words). Coming into bench press Dan opened his lift on 165kg, onto a 2nd attempt of 170kg which felt difficult so decided to put his 3rd attempt up slightly to 172.5kg which he made look incredibly easy! By this point Dan only had to get his opening deadlift of 277.5kg to have a strong lead over 2nd place, this attempt flew up. For his second deadlift he went for 290kg to seal a PB total of 722.5kg.

But that wasn’t enough for Dan, he wanted more… much more! He fancied ending the day on 300kg deadlift to break the <83kg open British deadlift record by 5kg!

The audience clapped to Thunderstruck by ACDC as he stormed out, after a serious struggle he managed to complete the lift and break the record!

Dan already has the junior British deadlift record of 285kg, now he has the junior and senior record… show off!

To conclude, Dan’s highest attempts 260kg squat, 172.5kg bench press, 300kg deadlift. Dan’s total was 732.5kg which was 55kgs ahead of 2nd place. This total made Dan the new <83kg Open British Classic Powerlifting Champion! Becoming British Champion means that Dan will be invited to attend GB squads to be put on the international team, if successful this will be 3rd year in a row making it on the international team GB.

His 300 kg deadlift is the equivalent of lifting more than three and a half times his bodyweight !

In our terms thats the equivalvent of lifting about 4 super single truck tyres in one go to waist height.

Sound easy ?? Give it a go - Dan is happy to take bets ...