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Fleet Upgrades for 2019

All the new vehicles will be Euro 6, replacing Euro 5 vehicles (we have no Euro 4 standard vehicles on the fleet, only Euro 5 & Euro 6).

In Q1 we have 2x Volvo FM Globetrotter vehicles arriving, followed by 4x Scania R series next generation vehicles at the end of Q2 then finally 2x Volvo FM Globetrotter in Q3 and 2x Volvo FM Globetrotter in early Q4 - a total of ten replacements over the year, so with discharge equipment the capital investment is over £1 million.

These investments will optimise our fuel performance, whilst adding safety improvements such as AEB (Advanced Emergency Braking) coupled with next generation tachograph and improved emissions from the latest Euro 6 Step D standard (euro 6 has various improvements to emissions at various dates rather than calling these Euro 7,8,910 .. etc).