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New Web Site launches - Overdue we know!

We are delighted to have updated our web site, not only to bring a more modern feel to the site, but to add more information, better quality photography and also some new video content.

The web site is now viewable on a variety of platforms, with the content scaling to suit the individual device in use. We even have welcome pages in multiple languages, to cater for those overseas clients looking to store product in the Teesside Seal Sands terminals and use this as their UK distribution hub.

As well as presenting more and clearer up-to-date information, there are options to subscribe to our mailing list for the monthly Safety Bulletin, submit a C.V. or contact us using some structured forms.

New photography and video was part of the deal with Noovo Creative of Stokesley who we partnered with to create the new platform.

As usual, we are very happy to receive feedback and suggestions for improvement.


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