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Three "next generation" Scania trucks hit the road

"The cab has plenty of space and is an absolute pleasure to drive" commented the driver of the first vehicle on the road.

The first three next generation Scania trucks hit the road on 1st May 2018. The vehicles are all Euro 6, R450 Scania 6x2 vehicles, fully ADR certified and fitted with the facility to run either pump or compressor discharge for a fully flexible offering.

One vehicle is a standard R cab and the other two vehicles are R Highline cabs. We will run fuel trials to see what returns the best fuel economy as the cabs have slightly different heights. We expect the highline cab to offer the best 'streamlined profile' for the majority of our fleet when running with the higher 37,500 litre tankers.

Drivers Wayne & Brian are both in their 30th year of service so a well deserved treat, while Steve has simply worn his old truck out with hard work so needed a replacement.

Enjoy the ride guys, we have six more on order for delivery Sep-Oct-Nov.